The list of Private Universities That Are Registered at Ministry of Higher Education

The qualifications of those universities that are not registered with the Ministry of Higher Education are not legitimate. The confirmed programs of 39 public universities and 127 private universities registered by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan can be seen in the following list.

Note: Students interested in studying at one of Kabul’s private universities or higher education institutions are advised to read the following list to ensure that their field of study is included in the list of disciplines checked.

The list of Private Universities That Are Registered at Ministry of Higher Education

List of registered Universities

Government Universities

  1. Kabul University
  2. Kabul University of Medical Sciences (Abu Ali Ibn Sina)
  3. Kabul Polytechnic University
  4. Shahid Ustad Rabbani University of Education
  5. Nangarhar University
  6. Kandahar University
  7. University of Balkh
  8. Herat University
  9. Alberoni University
  10. Khost Sheikh Zayed University
  11. Baghlan University
  12. Kunduz University
  13. University of Bamyan
  14. Faryab University
  15. Parwan University
  16. Badakhshan University
  17. Takhar University
  18. Jawzjan University
  19. Paktia University
  20. Ghazni University
  21. University of Sayyid Jamaluddin Afghan
  22. Laghman University
  23. Ghazni Engineering Technical University
  24. National University of Technology and SciencesAgriculture of Afghanistan
  25. Samangan Higher Education Institute
  26. Helmand Higher Education Institute
  27. Badghis Higher Education Institute
  28. Panjshir Institute of Higher Education
  29. Paktika Institute of Higher Education
  30. Uruzgan Institute of Higher Education
  31. Sarpol Higher Education Institute
  32. Ghor Higher Education Institute
  33. Farah Higher Education Institute
  34. Logar Higher Education Institute
  35. Maidan Wardak Higher Education Institute
  36. Daikundi Institute of Higher Education
  37. Nimroz Higher Education Institute
  38. Mirwais Khan Nike Institute of Higher Education, Zabul
  39. Nuristan Institute of Higher Education

Private university

  1. The American University of Afghanistan
  2. Kardan University
  3. Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University
  4. Bakhtar University
  5. Maiwand University
  6. Khurasan University
  7. Kateb University
  8. Churagh University
  9. Maryam University
  10. Khatum el Nabi University
  11. Pishgam University
  12. Sadat University – Balkh
  13. Rana University – Kabul
  14. Aryana University – Jalalabad
  15. Aryana University – Balkh
  16. Dawat University – kabul
  17. Dunya University – Kabul
  18. Salam University – Kabul
  19. Karwan University – Kabul

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