Samangan Institute of Higher Education ” Academic staff”

Samangan Institute of Higher Education in 1400 for the first time in the following field by a doctor and master need a new academic staff


  • Location: Samangan
  • University: Samangan Institute of Higher Education
  • Application type: Online
  • Salary: As an organization Salary scale
  • No. Of opportunity: 1
  • Education: Master or PDD
  • Organization: Ministry of Higher Education
  • Deadline:

Title and position

  • Faculty: Economics
    • Department: Finance and Banking


Applicants must submit an application for enrollment in their academic staff from Saur 1, 1400 to Saur 20, 1400, along with the original transcript of grades, a copy of the same announcement from the Ministry’s website, and a copy of the citizenship ID card to the relevant higher education institution.


  • Announcement from the Ministry’s website
  • Original transcript
  • Copy of the citizenship ID card
  • Education documents

How to apply

The applicant can apply via the official website of Ministry of Higher Education by clicking apply now button

Apply now

For more information in Dari Language please visit the Ministry of Higher Educationl