Rokhan Group ” Administrative and Financial Assistant”

Rokhan Group is a leading group in the Medical Sector Including Medical Universities, Hospitals, Schools, and Construction Companies in different cities of Afghanistan.


  • Location: Kunduz
  • Organization: Rokhan Group
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Salary: As an organization Salary scale
  • Application type: Email
  • National: Afghan
  • Vacancy: RG-2021-79
  • Experience: 4 years
  • Education: Bachelor degree
  • Deadline: 30.03.2021


  • Awareness of all administrative affairs and services of the institution
  • Cooperation with the President of the Institute in the administrative, financial, and service sectors
  • Giving the necessary advice to the head of the institution in the financial, administrative, and service sectors
  • Provide the necessary advice on the appointment, promotion, dismissal, and retirement of non-academic staff of the institute according to the bill related to the presidency of the institute and legal actions related to them
  • Leadership and supervision of financial affairs, accounting, purchases, collection and collection of goods, and other matters
  • Timely provision of appropriate transportation for the institution
  • Preservation and care of buildings, green areas, and other parts of the institution
  • Arranging the normal and annual development budget of the institute, including the program of its documents, taking into account the needs and developments
  • Preparation and arrangement of statistics and related statistics
  • Legal enforcement of the assets and property of the institution
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and cleanliness of buildings and providing appropriate health conditions in the institution
  • The leadership of covered employees and related offices
  • Take effective and comprehensive measures in matters related to electricity, water supply, heating of buildings, healthy operation of cafeterias, fire-fighting equipment, and monitoring the performance of various offices in this field.
  • Preparation of plans for the development of the physical infrastructure of the institute
  • The leadership of publishing and marketing of the institute
  • Ensuring accurate and transparent preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual balance sheets of annual expenses and income of the institute
  • Presenting the annual report of financial balance (income and expenses) to the head of the Institute and the Ministry of Finance
  • Preparing a monthly and annual report on the activities of the administrative deputy and submitting it to the head of the institute and the meetings of the executive board of the institute
  • Preparation of work plans and programs to create and encourage for-profit activities and during its stages
  • Solve the problems of the institute in understanding with other vice-chancellors and faculties of the institute
  • Coordinating the implementation of the separation of administrative and service members of the faculties with the relevant faculty administration
  • Arranging and supervising the implementation of the decisions and decisions of the Scientific Council of the Institute regarding the administrative department
  • Providing the necessary facilities and facilities for the implementation of students’ practical fieldwork
  • Timely attention to repairs and care of the physical and technical facilities of the institute
  • Prepare the necessary facilities and facilities for employees to travel
  • Contracting the necessary places, fuels, and oils to the office
  • Arranging formal hostels, circles, and gatherings
  • Regular reception of internal and external guests
  • Reviewing repair contracts and rental rooms related to the institution
  • Preparation of passports, visas, licenses, and exit visas for officials and employees if necessary
  • Having information from all addresses of public and private educational institutions
  • Observance of all materials, including the duties and responsibilities of the employees of the institute
  • Performing other duties assigned by the head of the institute according to the duties.


  • Have a bachelor’s degree or higher than that.
  • Have at least 4 years of work experience.
  • Have access to programs (Microsoft Office).
  • Have good comprehension skills
  • Have coordination skills in management
  • Fluency in Dari, Pashto, and English


  • Cover letter
  • Cv
  • Education documents

How to apply

You can send all your documents here: [email protected]

Support links

For more information please visit the official website of ACBAR for Dari language