Public-Private Partnership Expert – Department of Business Cohesion and Development

The National Development Corporation announced one vacancy as Public-Private Partnership Expert – Department of Business Cohesion and Development. the eligible applicant can apply before the deadline of vacancies, the aim of opportunity is Bachelor of Business in Public-Private Partnership, Use of Existing Opportunities to Identify and Attract Investment, and Private Sector Involvement in Business Development Programs

Public-Private Partnership Expert - Department of Business Cohesion and Development
Public-Private Partnership Expert – Department of Business Cohesion and Development


  • Organization: National Development Corporation
  • Location: Kabul
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • Job Title: Public-Private Partnership
  • Salary: As organization salary scale
  • Education:
  • Nationality: Afghan
  • Vacancy number: 02/021/05HR/SDAB/NDC
  • Deadline: 19. May. 2021

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Duties and Responsibility

  • Preparation, drafting, and arranging monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in accordance with the objectives of the Department of Business Development.
  • Drafting public-private partnership agreements with national and international private institutions, departments, and companies.
  • Research and gather information using research methods to identify problems, challenges, weaknesses, and strengths of reform programs and create new projects.
  • Provide working relationships with all private sector entities, investors, and traders within the scope of competence.
  • Active cooperation in advancing the processes of drafting and arranging legal documents for public and private participation and drafting and arranging the articles of association of subsidiaries under the National Development Company.
  • Identify areas for ongoing collaboration and strategic partnerships with private sector entities that are useful and effective to the company’s business development process.
  • Identify potential business opportunities to explore favorable areas for private sector partnerships with the company.
  • Preparation of draft proposals and presentations for submission to private sector institutions.
  • Gather information, statistics, and figures on business opportunities and attract public and private participation.
  • Launching research to find potential opportunities for public and private participation.
  • Providing continuous relationships with the legal and technical board of the company, to prepare and present statistics, figures, and reports when necessary.
  • Provide lists and liaise with potential private sector investors to provide information on investment opportunities.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, annual, and when necessary reports to the competent authorities on the activities and achievements of the department.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the department in accordance with the laws, regulations, and goals of the company.


  • With at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields:
    • Economics
    • Public administration
    • Law
    • business development management
    • administration and business, and a degree, preferred a master’s degree in the above-mentioned field
  • Having expert and specialized experience from inside or outside the country in one of the departments of management and business development and achieving the goals and responsibilities
  • Language Required
    • Dari
    • Pashto
    • English
  • Computer skill Office package
  • Necessary skills in designing and developing business planning;

How to Apply

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For more information in Dari language please visit the official website of the National Development Corporation