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Job Description

About Moraa Educational Complex:

  • Mora Afghan Women’s Higher Education Institute was established in 2016 to fill the gap left by Afghan women for higher education and development.
  • The purpose of establishing this institution and educational institution is to increase and improve the educational level of Afghan women and empower Afghan women, especially women who have not been able to continue their higher education due to problems.
    Mora Institute of Higher Education has been fully led and managed by women with professional and scientific staff for Afghan women, providing a calm, appropriate, separate, and unique environment for the children of the homeland.
    This institute has standard facilities in the sections of kindergarten, dormitory, equipped library (physical and electronic), dormitory, equipped auditorium, classrooms equipped with modern audio and video equipment, laboratories equipped with adaptations, lecture classrooms, safe space and Green, safe and in compliance with the norms of protection, safety, quiet space, offers regular and standard services. Mora uses internationally accepted methods, experienced professors in the national and international arena. And it is the only educational institution that works for women on behalf of women
  • Mora Afghan Women’s Higher Education Institute is committed to academic standards, student achievement, a well-accepted Afghan environment, taking into account the country’s historical, cultural and religious values, and works step by step for the growth and empowerment of women.
Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Education
Employment Type: Full Time
Vacancy Number: mec011
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Kabul
Organization: Moraa Educational Complex
Years of Experience: 3-4 year
Contract Duration: One year
Gender: Female
Education: Master
Close date: 2021-12-08

Job Description:

  • Performing the duties of the head of the institute in his absence
  • Collaboration with the President of the Institute in academic affairs and activities
  • Legal enforcement regarding the appointment, consolidation of scientific rank, scientific promotion and separation of faculty members
  • Principled and academic performances in relation to the employment of permanent and contracted scientific staff according to the needs of the faculties.
  • Organize plans and care for the implementation of higher education plans and programs in the institution.
  • Design and implementation of plans and programs of scientific research in the institute.
  • Leading and supervising scientific research affairs at the institute.
  • Leading and supervising the publishing affairs of the institute.
  • The plan of the Scientific Council of the Institute and its presentation at the first meeting of the Council at the beginning of each year as approved and implemented.
  • Arranging the agenda of the meetings of the Scientific Council of the Institute and recording the decisions of the Scientific Council of the Institute.
  • Reproduction, distribution of decisions and decisions of the practical council of the institute to the relevant authorities for implementation
  • Review and evaluate the regulations, bills and procedures related to the academic department of the institute and, if necessary, submit its amendment plan and proposal to higher authorities.
  • Supervising and reviewing the affairs of libraries, information technology and internet departments and the necessary executions regarding their completion and equipping.
  • Chairman of the relevant committees.
  • Facilitate and supervise the academic formation plan in the relevant higher education institution
  • Supervise the affairs and activities of the offices related to the scientific vice chancellor
  • Evaluate the curriculum and make suggestions to grade it with international requirements and standards
  • Supervise the development, revision and implementation of the curriculum in the faculties
  • Provide reports on the annual activities of the Vice Chancellor and the Scientific Council of the Institute
  • Supervise the implementation and implementation of the decisions of the Scientific Council of Higher Education in the academic sector, provide the necessary facilities for the implementation of practical field work of students
  • Preparation and arrangement of statistics and statistics related to staff members and other academic cases
  • Facilitate and cooperate in building the strategic strategic plan of the relevant higher education institution
  • Advancing matters related to quality improvement and accreditation criteria
  • Other duties assigned to the Vice Chancellor in accordance with the law

Job Requirements:

Having a master’s degree and academic staff is preferred to higher degrees
Related work experience at least 3 years
Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) with English
Computer skills in task-related applications

Submission Guideline:

Eligible interested parties can email their CV to the address
Send. Call this number for more information

Email Address. [email protected]

Tel.  0782457988 

Submission Email:

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