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Professor, Faculty of Therapeutic Medicine, University ‌ of Ghalib

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Job Description

Professor, Faculty of Therapeutic Medicine, University ‌ of Ghalib

The University ‌ of Ghalib announced one position to all applicants in Kabul who want to teach at this university, for the year 2022.

  • Opportunity: Job
  • Location: Kabul
  • Position: Teacher
  • Organization: Ghalib
  • Responsible for: ‌‌ Vice-Chancellor of the University and Dean of the Faculty
  • Covered persons: Students and interns
  • No of opportunity: 3 position
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • Deadline: 
Code 1400-11-13-15
No of Opp 3
announce DATE 2022-02-02
Deadline 2022-02-12
Contract type
Duration one Year
Type of Job Staff
Gender Male and Female
Salary As organization salary scale
Work Experience one year


  • Adherence to attendance and punctuality;
  • Comply with all regulations and work bills of the university;
  • Having patience and sincere treatment with students and colleagues;
  • Preparation of relevant subject teaching materials for teaching;
  • Prepare textbooks for students;
  • Preparation of practical, field, and laboratory work guidelines;
  • Preparation of hourly curriculum related to the subject;
  • Having a monthly work plan according to the criteria of academic activities;
  • The advance of theoretical and practical courses according to the division of time and the necessity of the faculty;
  • Controlling the presence of students in the relevant hours and recording it in the attendance book;
  • Guidance of faculty members and students in accordance with the Higher Education Law;
  • Evaluate the works and scientific conferences of faculty members and other scientists and express opinions about them;
  • Active participation in scientific circles as a facilitator, speaker, or participant in accordance with academic competence;
  • Active participation in committees, assemblies, and councils of the university;
  • Responsible contribution to the improvement of the affairs of the faculty and the university for the purpose of scientific and teaching development;
  • Improving one’s scientific background, especially in the specific field and acquiring work and job skills;
  • Compilation of textbooks, textbooks, and promotion of scientific research in accordance with scientific competencies;
  • Expressing opinions to the relevant authorities to improve the academic affairs of the university and the existing curriculum;
  • Encourage students to learn better and participate in the academic, social, and cultural activities of the university;
  • Participate in university exams;
  • Protecting the secrets of the administration and preventing the transfer of course materials and other spiritual and material assets of the University to other individuals and institutions, without the permission of the President of the University;
  • Observance of all materials, including the duties and responsibilities of university staff;
  • Creating order and discipline in the classroom in order to improve and enhance the quality of the course;
  • Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the University.

Recruitment Conditions

A qualified professor to be appointed to the staff of the Ghalib university, in addition to meeting the requirements set forth in the Higher Education Law, must meet the following requirements:

  • Physical, health, and mental ability necessary to advance the duties of the faculty member;
  • Possessing a good social personality and ethics and observing academic behavior;
    No deprivation of social rights and no criminal record;
  • Having opaque conditions and specialization (at least 80% of academic grades);
  • Having the ability and skill of clinical work;
  • Having the ability and skills to teach topics;
  • Successful presentation of the conference under the supervision of an academically appointed jury (at least three people);
  • Successful completion of the interview after successful completion of the conference;
  • Fluency in English or at least one other scientific language;
  • Successfully complete a pilot teaching course at a relevant faculty for one semester;
  • Knowledge of research methods and skills in implementing scientific projects;

How to get the Application form:

Dear applicants can receive the form and application for the inclusion of academic staff from the Human Resources Department of the dominant University of Herat.

For More information on Dari Language please visit the official website of Ghalib University

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