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Geodesy and Cartography Engineer

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Job Description

Task Objective: Arranging cartographic maps and using geodetic networks, arranging and arranging reports and submitting them to the relevant department to improve the effectiveness of project work activities.


  • Location: Kabul
  • Organization: Afghanistan Railway Administration
  • Salary: As organization salary scale
  • No of Opportunity: 1
  • Application type: Online
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Deadline: 21. June. 2021

Duties and Responsibility

  • Preparation and arrangement of maps for field surveys and preparation and arrangement of railway atlas;
  • Collecting all available information and figures from the relevant department and grading it for analysis and evaluation by GIS system and remote sensing;
  • Analysis of statistics obtained using GIS and Expert Choice software,
  • To use it when necessary, maintain, strengthen, develop and adjust the geographic information system;
  • Preparation and arrangement of various scale maps according to the demands in order to stabilize the position of railway projects;
  • Research on information based on spatial and non-spatial characteristics for inclusion in the database;
  • Preparation and arrangement of topographic and cartographic maps and Satellite Imagery in different scales;
  • Planning in matters related to geodesy and cartography activities;
  • Arranging standard documents and technical specifications for using the course network;
  • Provision of technical equipment for geodesy, cartography and other necessary materials and accessories;
  • Preparation and production of various large-scale topographic and cartographic maps using aerial and satellite images for use;
  • Use of permanent course stations and geodetic networks;
  • Topographic survey of projects to obtain figures prepared from the area;
  • Analysis of data and information collected for survey and mapping of railway projects;
  • Arranging a report on how the geodetic and cartographic drawings of the relevant project are progressing and presenting it to the relevant authority for the purpose of performance awareness;
  • Analysis of figures obtained by (GIS) to conclude graph drawing;
  • Adaptation of points obtained by the device (GPS) in order to stabilize the position of projects above the map;
  • Use of contemporary technical and technical tools and equipment in the technical and technical survey process of projects to have project route maps with coordinates;
  • Preparation and arrangement of filing system (dossier) in the form of hard and soft to maintain documents and timely access;

Management duties:

  • Preparation and arrangement of monthly, quarterly, and annual work plan in accordance with the general plan of the department, in order to achieve the objectives set by the department;
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports and, if necessary, activities and achievements of the relevant department, in order to inform the leadership of the department;
  • Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations, and objectives of the Office;

Coordination tasks:

  • Provide communication and coordination of relevant departments to facilitate and expedite the better coherence of affairs;

Job Requirement

  • Field of study: Having at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields: Geodesy Engineering, GIS Engineering and Geography is preferred to higher degrees in the above fields.
  • Work Experience: Have a job-related work experience of at least 5 years for a bachelor’s degree and 4 years for a master’s degree.
  • Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and fluency (writing and speaking) in English;
  • Computer skills in the application (GIS) and other task-related applications.

How to Apply

Eligible interested applicants ‌ can send their resumes, educational documents, and work experience to [email protected]. In-person request forms are not available.

Note: Please write the title of the post in the subject of the email, otherwise your request will be rejected.

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