Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Department of Composing and Blocking Oil and Gas Fields

Management and control of the classification and division of oil and gas fields into trade blocks, in order to hold an international bid for the development and expansion of the country’s hydrocarbon resources.

OrganizationMinistry of Mines and Petroleum
No. of Opportunity
GenderMale and female
SalaryOriginal salary + project points change from the first step 109,600.00 AFN to the fifth step 164,489 AFN
Vacancy No1
Job TitleDepartment of Composing and Blocking Oil and Gas Fields
ExperienceManagerial or specialized in one of the departments of oil and gas affairs, mining exploration, mining, mining survey
Contract Duration
Education:Oil and gas engineering, oil and gas exploration and exploration, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, geology and mining, mining,
Deadline 10.May.2021

Qualifications and job responsibilities

  1. Management and control of blockade of oil fields and oil and gas fields according to the reports of seismic surveys and gravity and magnetic air surveys.
  2. Management of the duties and responsibilities of the Department and its inclusion in the work plans and activities of the Office in order to advance the objectives set in accordance with the policies of the General Directorate of Hydrocarbon Resources.
  3. Managing the activities of the relevant department in facilitating affairs and providing communication with departments under the influence of the General Directorate of Hydrocarbon Resources to coordinate activities.
  4. Preparation of work procedures for seismic research contracts and magnetic and absorption air surveys.
  5. Conducting workshops, scientific seminars, and presentations in order to transfer scientific and professional knowledge and skills to the affected employees.
  6. Identify and stabilize areas with oil and gas potential for the purpose of classification and blocking and submit it to the Office of Oil and Gas Affairs for the purpose of awarding commercial contracts.

Management duties

  1. Arrange monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in accordance with the general plan of the department, in order to achieve the objectives set by the department.
  2. Accounting of work performance and ensuring transparency in the relevant department in accordance with the applicable laws of the country.
  3. Transfer of professional skills through workshops, seminars, and workflow training to affected employees.
  4. Identify and propose budget requirements based on the annual work plan of the relevant department.
  5. Achieving the goals and programs of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Strategy and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the relevant field.
  6. Observing and ensuring the implementation of the Administrative Enforcement Law, the Law on the Prevention of Harassment of Women and Children, and the Code of Conduct in the relevant field of work.
  7. Lead and provide the requested information accurately and in a timely manner on how to implement the affected departments to the information authority of the Office in accordance with the law on access to information.
  8. Leadership, management, and evaluation of the performance of affected employees, determining the training needs and capacity building of employees in affected departments.
  9. Submitting monthly, quarterly and annual reports and, if necessary, the activities and achievements of the relevant department, in order to inform the leadership of the department.
  10. Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations, and objectives of the department.

Field of Study

  1. Have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: Oil and Gas Engineering, Oil and Gas Exploration and Exploration, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geology and Mining, Mining, Mining Exploration and other related fields from national and international educational institutions Domestic or abroad, higher degrees in the above fields are preferred.

Work experience

  • Managerial or specialized in one of the departments (oil and gas affairs, mining exploration, mining, mining survey) or other specialized tasks in this bill of duties from inside or outside the country, at least three years for bachelor, two years for Master and one year for Ph.D.


  1. Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and fluency in English.
  2. Computer skills in task-related programs.
  3. Necessary skills in leadership, communication, and decision-making.

How to apply

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