Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of heavy industry

The task of opportunity is to Organizing the technical affairs of the manufacturing enterprises of the heavy industries to increase the quality of the products and the development of the heavy industries by the industry policy within the strategy of the Ministry.

OrganizationMinistry of Industry and Trade
No. of Opportunity
GenderMale and female
SalaryOriginal salary + project points change from the first step 109,600.00 AFN to the fifth step 164,489 AFN
Vacancy No1
Job TitleDepartment of heavy industry
Experience(Industry, Business Development, Industrial Development, Private Sector Support, Investment, Private Investment Encouragement or other items in this Bill of Tasks).
Contract Duration
Education:Have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: public policy, business administration, public administration, economics, business, law, private sector development, marketing management, international trade, and a higher degree in these fields is preferred.
Deadline 15.May.2021

Qualifications and job responsibilities

  1. Identification of Afghanistan’s Heavy Industries according to the UN Global Economic Activity Standardization (ISIC)
  2. Develop an annual development strategy for the heavy industry in order to develop the industrialization of the heavy industry
  3. Carrying out policy research and development on heavy industry development methods and its applicable models in Afghanistan, such as (Porter model, value chain model, export development model) and conducting case studies of industrialization of high developing heavy industry countries, for example (countries East Asia)
  4. Technical analysis of heavy industry companies, issuance of licenses, import of machines and issuance of other relevant licenses in accordance with the rules and procedures, cooperation with companies to identify suitable machines for heavy industries
  5. The Director-General of Heavy Industries acts as a focal point between Afghan heavy industry companies, compiles a standard compliant document, and registers any problems in the database, as an advocate for the heavy industry sector inside the Ministry of Industry and Trade (industrial parks, fire coordination) and Operates outside with other government agencies
  6. Management and control of all technical and mechanical activities to implement and provide technical services on a standard basis
  7. Provide advice on issues related to heavy industry affairs to improve technical and production affairs and develop heavy industry in accordance with industry policy
  8. Supervise and organize the production and technical affairs of production institutes and seek solutions to improve matters
  9. Care of safety, firefighting, repair techniques, replacement of new technology in industrial enterprises to increase quality and reduce costs
  10. Monitoring and using analytical and technical systems to obtain solutions to the problems of vendors, manufacturers, and the growth of quality products
  11. Have information and knowledge on new technical issues, machinery, equipment and suggest the creation of new systems that are important to improve the quality of work of the technical department
  12. Execution and provision of technical services and cooperation with the management department in the order of policy and supervision of equipment purchase, replacement of parts related to machinery, repairs, and care
  13. Satellite visits to local production factories to monitor and evaluate the performance of the industrial sector, coordination of the implementation of industrialization strategy with relevant institutions, coordination with educational institutions, technical and vocational education departments, and other educational institutions to ensure and coordinate the need for recruitment Industry and educational programs
  14. Visit heavy industry factories in the provinces to address problems and provide solutions
  15. Providing a database of heavy industry companies throughout Afghanistan, company information should include the type of activity, production, investment, and number of employees

Management duties

  1. Preparation and preparation of annual work plan in accordance with the roadmap and reform strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to achieve the strategic goals of the Ministry
  2. Identify and propose budget requirements based on the plans of the Department of Heavy Industries
  3. Leading and providing timely information within government departments, civil society, media and citizens of the country, taking into account the objectives of the law on access to information and the policy of the relevant department
  4. Achieving the goals and programs of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Strategy and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the relevant field of work
  5. Observing and ensuring the implementation of the Administrative Enforcement Law, the Law on the Prevention of Harassment of Women and Children and the Code of Conduct in the Relevant Work Area
  6. Ensuring sound management, recruitment, encouragement, persuasion, training and development of employees to better perform affairs in accordance with established criteria
  7. Provide transparency and accountability of the work of the relevant department to achieve the necessary goals
  8. Leadership and management of affected employees to ensure effective and timely implementation
  9. Evaluate the performance of affected employees in order to motivate them to improve performance, increase efficiency and productivity, determine training needs and increase capacity building
  10. Develop and transfer professional skills through workshops, seminars, counseling and workflow training for affected employees
  11. Submitting quarterly, annual and, if necessary, work reports on activities and achievements in order to inform the management of the department about the progress of activities and achievements of the relevant departments.
  12. Perform other duties assigned by the competent authority in accordance with the laws, regulations and objectives of the department

Field of Study

  1. Have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: public policy, business administration, public administration, economics, business, law, private sector development, marketing management, international trade, and a higher degree in these fields is preferred.

Work experience

  1. Minimum work experience from inside or outside the country in one of the sectors (industry, business development, industry development, private sector support, investment, encouraging private investment, or other items in this bill of duties).
  2. Managerial or specialized of the mentioned departments; Three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s degree, and one year for a doctorate.


  1. Fluency in one of the official languages (Dari or Pashto) and English
  2. Computer skills in task-related applications
  3. Necessary skills in leadership, communication, and decision making


Candidates who do not provide the required documents for this position in a complete, transparent and clear manner will not be considered eligible for this position and will not have the right to complain.

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