MEXT Japan Master’s and Doctoral Scholarship for Afghanistan 2021 – 2022 | Fully Funded

Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Physical Education, Science and Technology (MEXT) offers scholarship opportunities for Afghan students seeking to study in Japan for 2022 under the scholarship program (MEXT) outlined below :

The Embassy of Japan respectfully requests the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to inform the Ministry of Higher Education that a maximum of 20 qualified and eligible students wishing to study in Japan under this scholarship program should prepare their documents and Introduce for this scholarship programs

MEXT Japan Master's and Doctoral Scholarship for Afghanistan 2021 - 2022 | Fully Funded
MEXT Japan Master’s and Doctoral Scholarship for Afghanistan 2021 – 2022 | Fully Funded


  • Location: Japan
  • Scholarship Level: Master, Ph.D. degree
  • No of opportunity: 20 Scholarship
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • Scholarship Title: MEXT Japan Scholarship
  • Deadline: 18 May 2021


  • Having Afghan citizenship;
  • Excellent school achievements;
  • Has good physical and mental health;
  • Purposefulness and enthusiasm for education that will lead to improved relations between Afghanistan and Japan;
  • Aga Limitation
    • Must be under 35 years of age (born after April 2, 1987) have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or equivalent;
  • Adequate ability to write and speak English (for English courses) or Japanese (for Japanese language courses)

The selection method and schedule for 2021 are as follows:

  1. Admission of candidates will be based on the results of the exam, the Embassy of Japan will determine the suitable and qualified candidates (MEXT);
  2. MEXT then selects the most experienced students nominated by Japanese embassies and consulates in all countries of the world.

The timetable for 2021 is as follows:

  • Step 1) The deadline for the introduction of applicants by the Government of Afghanistan, along with the completed house forms, is to complete the application.
    • From: May 21, 2021
    • Step 2) Review Applications: Early June 2021
    • Stage 3) Writing and writing exams: mid-June 2021
    • Step 4) Shortlist candidates: most recently June 2021
    • Step 5) Announcement of final results: after January 2022

For this purpose, the esteemed applicants of the mentioned scholarship will be informed, after completing the applicarion form, will submit the requested pre-forms along with their educational documents before May 18, 2021 of the Admission Office of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Since the timetable for the steps and process of scholarship has been prepared by the scholarship authority, based on the timetable, the introduction of the candidates to the scholarship will be apologized for after the expiration date of this announcement.

It is worth mentioning that if the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats given (20 studnets), 20 candidates will be selected and introduced from among the candidates based on the highest percentage of grades (10 for master’s degree and 10 for doctorate).

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For more information in Dari Language please visit the official website of the Ministry of Higher Education