Scholarships programs (Masters and Doctorate) of Kabul University 2021

Kabul University is supposed to attract students in all master programs for the year 1400 AH.
Therefore, the registration process for master’s programs starts on (2 April 1400) and continues until the end of Saur in 1400.


  • Location: Kabul
  • University: Kabul University
  • Program Level: Master degree | PhD degree
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application Type: Kabul University
  • Application price: 500 Afs
  • One-time fee in the program: 2500 Afs
  • Deadline:
Master's degree programs (Masters and Doctorate) of Kabul University 2021

Admission requirements for all master programs at Kabul University

  • Having a diploma and transcript of grades with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education (original and copy)
  • Have at least 65% bachelor’s degree scores
  • Having the citizenship ID
  • photo

Candidates should consider the following:

  • Registration forms are distributed to the candidates in the relevant faculties.
  • It is essential to wear a mask, gloves, etc. when applying to the faculty.
  • The price of the registration form in the master program is (500) Afghanis.
  • For more information about the list of exam resources and admission requirements in the information program, please contact the faculty.
  • The date of the entrance exam will be officially heard by the National Examinations Office.
  • The second stage of evaluation (foreign language exam and interview) of the candidates who have obtained the highest scores in the entrance exam will be obtained by Kabul University.
  • If a candidate is selected in one of the programs, he/she is obliged to pay the amount of (2500) Afghanis for the one-time fee in the program.
  • Courses in all master programs except (Dari and Pashto) are in foreign languages (Arabic and English).

Table of fees and number of master programs of Kabul University that attracts students in 1400

Universities and Price

1Economy4500 Afs
2Agriculture4500 Afs
3Law and Political Science4500 Afs
4Veterinary Science4500 Afs
5Computer Science4500 Afs
6Physics4500 Afs
7Engineer4500 Afs
8Math4000 Afs
9Social Sciences4000 Afs
10Sharia3500 Afs
11Psychology and Educational Sciences3500 Afs
12language and literature3000 Afs
13Arts2500 Afs

How to Apply

Click on the link for the table of the amount of fees and the number of master programs of Kabul University: ( Able of the amount of fees )

Support Link

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