Jobs in National Environmental Agency ( National Project Coordinator ) Kabul

Coordinating and managing the project, preparing and implementing operational plans, advancing project activities, calculating the financial and logistical sector, evaluating the implementation of project activities and determining the goals of the plan for the project

OrganizationJobs in National Environmental Agency
No. of Opportunity1
GenderMale and Female
SalaryAs organization salary scale
Vacancy No170167
Job TitleNational Project Coordinator
Contract Duration
Deadline 19 Apr 2021

Specialized tasks:

  1. Determining goals and responsibilities, scheduling the project plan, and advancing project activities according to its resources.
  2. Ensuring the advancement and implementation of the work plan adopted during the first operational part of the project.
  3. Coordinating with relevant departments and establishing a project leadership committee in order to obtain the necessary advice and obtain a plan plan
    O and its adaptation.
  4. Regular reporting to the National Environmental Protection Agency and the project leadership committee and technical supervision of all
    Stakeholders during the project implementation.5. Liaise with the National Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization on the effective promotion of project activities
  5. Conducting workshops and meetings for stakeholders on the project objectives and its implementation phase.
  6. Strengthen cooperation and coordination with all relevant departments, including sharing figures and information.
  7. Provide necessary advice and technical supervision of project implementation and financial control of project implementation process
  8. Providing communication with government agencies, private sector, higher education institutions in order to collect data and information
    | 10. Establish project monitoring facilities, including preparing technical and financial reports for UNIDO and GEF, arranging appointments and meetings during the field assessment, and verifying project openness and quality.
  9. Provide government commitments in the field of Co finance for the project
  10. Provide communication with the Ministry of Finance and UNIDO in order to spend money to implement the project plan and financial support Co finance
  11. Perform other activities if necessary.
  12. Report to the National Environmental Protection Agency PEE, NEPA, and UNIDO Project Manager
Jobs in National Environmental Agency ( National Project Coordinator ) Kabul
Jobs in National Environmental Agency ( National Project Coordinator ) Kabul

Management duties:

  • The principle of honesty and seriousness: promoting activities honestly, openly, and impartially
  • Principle of meritocracy and expertise: Act with responsibility, commitment, and hard work.
  • Respect for diversity: effective, inclusive work and mutual respect regardless of differences in culture and views


  • Master of Chemistry, Electrical, Engineering, Agriculture, Environmental Mechanics, Natural Sciences or Related
  • At least 10 years of work experience in environmental management or energy efficiency
  • Extensive experience in Afghanistan, including fieldwork and policy management
  • Familiarity with UN and GEF documents and procedures
  • Proficiency in reading and writing English is required.

How to Apply

Dear candidates, you can send your (CV) with the attachment of all education and work experience, and if you have work experience in government departments, with a summary of accidents from your last job reference, via e-mail to the following address to the Department of Human Resources.

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