Jobs at Ministry of finance “General Manager of Nangarhar Customs Tariffs and Pricing”

Supervising the determination and analysis of tariffs and pricing of imported and exported goods.


  • Location: Kabul
  • Organization: Ministry of Finance
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • Salary: As organization salary scale
  • Vacancy:
  • Opportunity no: 1
  • Deadline: 08.04.2021

Duties and Responsibility

  • Supervising the pricing of the country’s imported property in accordance with the international methods W.C.O and W.T.O.
  • Supervising the determination of tariffs on goods in the correct form for the purpose of obtaining a customs product.
  • Supervising the analysis of tariffs on imported and exported goods for decision-making purposes.
  • Guiding employees in determining the price of goods and tariff fertilizer in order to increase customs revenues.
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual work plan in accordance with the general plan of the department, in order to achieve the objectives set by the department.
  • Transfer of professional skills through workshops, seminars, and workflow training to affected employees.
  • Managing and evaluating the performances of the affected employees, determining the training needs, and improving the capacity of the employees of the affected departments.
  • Presenting monthly, quarterly and annual reports and, if necessary, the activities and achievements of the relevant department, in order to inform the leadership of the department.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations, and objectives of the department.


Field of study: Having at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: (financial management, economics, business administration, public administration, public policy, accounting, finance and banking, finance and monetary affairs, general management, project management, ACCA, CA, CIA, CPA) from national and international educational institutions inside or outside the country, higher educational degrees are preferred.

  • Work experience: Having at least one year of work-related work experience for a bachelor’s degree from national and international institutions inside or outside the country.
    Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) with English.
  • Computer skills in task-related programs.

How to Apply

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For more information in Dari language please visit the official website of the Ministry of Finance