Jobs as Secretary at Kateb University

Secretary of the Office of the President of the University

  • Job Title: Secretary of the Office of the President of the University
  • Organization: Kateb University
  • Location: Kabul, Kateb University, Central Branch
  • Job Time: Full time
  • Clamp number: CO-12
  • No. of opportunity: 1
  • Gender: Mr. / Mrs.
  • Salary: Equal to university standards
  • Deadline:

Duty and responsibilities:

  • Arranging the list of domestic or foreign applicants and coordinating the meeting with the university president in directing and coordinating with the office directorate
  • Preparing and arranging the necessary reports on important daily topics and events to be submitted to the office directorate
  • Coordinating and informing guidance and decisions to other departments of the university and following up on their implementation
  • Categorize, prepare and summarize the necessary reports from various activities in the field of university administration and submit them to the office of the office
  • Prepare records and files related to commissions, committees, meetings and seminars for informing the relevant authorities
  • Provide answers to the office telephones of the Secretariat and the Office of the President of the University
  • Documenting and preparing records of all activities and correspondence of the office directorate in a regular and systematic manner and keeping all files up to date
  • Take necessary measures in the field of receiving, registering, distributing and maintaining and archiving letters, files and other documents related to the office directorate
  • Carry out missions assigned outside the university that are included in the scope of duties
  • Responding to the clients of the university president and registering their requests in the book of petitions and books issued and received
  • Cooperation in the formalities of guests and clients and the necessary coordination and contacts with individuals and institutions that are led by the Office of the President of the University.
  • Preparing and arranging the usual administrative letters to be sent to the relevant authorities in accordance with the guidance of the University President’s Office
  • Type, print, scan, copy and file letters, minutes, instructions, reports and required forms and submit them to the Office of the President of the University
  • Check emails and follow up on related items
  • Collaborate on content production that includes draft emails and administrative letters
  • Preservation of secrets and confidentiality of documents of the university administration
  • Efforts to increase capacity in the area of responsibility and use scientific and practical resources to serve the community
  • Submitting a monthly report to the Office of the President of the University
  • Perform other duties assigned by the Office of the President of the University.

Application conditions:

  1. Have a degree of 14 or a bachelor’s degree
  2. Have at least two years of work experience in administrative affairs
  3. Fluency in Dari, Pashto and English
  4. Mastery of computer programs (Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint)
  5. Have excellent organizational and communication skills

Request Submission Tips:

Eligible candidates can send their Resume (CV) and educational document to the following e-mail address until the expiration date of the announcement.

Note: The subject of the email must be the job title and the closing number (CO-12), otherwise the request will not be accepted. Only eligible candidates will be invited for an interview.

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 0729008329