Instructions for completing the Jobs application form for Afghanistan

Here you can find How to apply for jobs in afghanostan and the Instructions for completing the Jobs application form, if you have any question feel free to contct us this information is officialy announced by Independent Administrative Reform Civil Service Commission of Afghanistan.

Dear candidate, please pay serious attention to the following points:

  1. Application Request time
    • The request can only be sent during the closing notification, note that the system will not accept your request when the notification is completed.
  2. Educational documents
    • Government educational documents must be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education;
    • Educational documents from private institutions must be certified by the Ministry of Higher Education or written by the head of private educational institutions;
    • In addition to the approval of the political representative of the country and the esteemed Ministry of Foreign Affairs, educational documents abroad must also be evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education. Therefore, the evaluation letter must be attached to the form;
    • Educational documents (inside and outside the country) that were obtained between 1371 and 1381 need to be re-evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  3. Work experience documents
    • If you are a permanent employee of the government, you need to have a new resume or at least six months prior to the announcement of the closure and have the approval of the first unit (Department of Human Resources of the Ministry / Office),
    • If you have worked in the form of a contract, you need to provide a sample contract with the main lines related to your task.
  4. Non-governmental work experience documents:
    • It is essential to have all the line contracts and to provide major and task-related lines;
    • Contracts submitted by a non-governmental entity must be approved by one of the competent government departments;
    • According to Article 62 of the Labor Law, the salary of contract employees should not be less than the government salary, so it is necessary to have a tax document (TIN).
  5. Documents of international foreign institutions:
    • It is essential to have all contract
    • If you have worked abroad, your documents must be approved by the Afghan Political Representation in the host country and later by the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. Documents that are on fire or missing:
    • It is acceptable if your work is approved by the Human Resources Department of the same department.
  7. Related experience:
    • Having managerial experience (having the role of management and leadership of employees under the effect according to the opportunity) is essential in the first and second positions.

Support Links

For more information, you can call the following numbers:

  • 0781485436
  • 0782035279

To complete the application form, visit, and after completing the special pre-form, submit your application.

Note: If you want to read the instraction in Dari Language download the word format file and read it cearfuly for bellow