Independent Administrative Reform Civil Service Commission ( Expert in researching and compiling exam content )

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, in order to entrust the work to the people and achieve the lofty goals of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in reforming and establishing a sound civil service administration in a series of previous announcements, now close the following position to hire qualified and experienced people through free competition. According to the project system, the change to the competitive announcement: Eligible interested parties در can submit the application forms online from the website of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission via the link (

When requesting, copy the desired closing number from the bottom and insert it in the relevant section of the online form.

HR-049 Exam Content Research and Development Expert (Supporting Competencies)

Salary amount: original salary + change project points from the first step 63,000.00 Afghanis to the Rank 5 89,944 Afghanis (according to the change project payment points guideline)

Independent Administrative Reform Civil Service Commission ( Expert in researching and compiling exam content )


  • Location: Kabul
  • Organization: Independent Administrative Reform Civil Service Commission
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • Salary: 89،944 Af
  • No. of opportunity: 1
  • Deadline: 14 Mar 2021

About the job

The Transformation Project is directly accountable to the Afghan National Peace and Development Framework, including the development priority of accountable and effective public administration systematization, as well as the goal of establishing, maintaining and strengthening civil service specialization.

The overall goal of the change project is to strengthen the capacity of priority ministries and agencies by hiring key competencies based on competency, improving staff management, and better human resource planning.

The project is funded by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund (ARTF) and the International Development Association (IDA) Group of the World Bank, and is being implemented by the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission on behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to the Strategic Plan for Human Resources, ministries and departments for each vacancy and incumbent included in this project, at the beginning of each year, Key Deliverables and Means of Verification in accordance with the Bill of Duties, the main objectives of the department, In all coordination, their work contract is arranged and attached to the direct director. The evaluation of the performance of the employees who are hired in this way is done every year on the basis of the intended report of their performance against key tasks and evidence, and the extension of the employees’ employment contract for the next year is conditional on successful completion of these tasks.


  • Creating, strengthening and developing exam content based on the Civil Service Support Competencies Framework in order to institutionalize a transparent, fast and quality recruitment mechanism in civil service departments.
  • Active participation in the study and research process in order to accurately understand the nature and nature of civil service packages and the situation of the human resources market.
  • Creating, reviewing, and developing a framework of civil service support competencies in order to compile exam content
  • Consulting with experts and contributing to the improvement of working methods to improve the quality of exam content
  • Participate in the analysis of vacancies for vacant civil service packages in order to create task-related exam content
  • Exam content design based on the Civil Service Support Competencies Framework in order to identify the capabilities of job candidates in public offices
  • Active participation in the process of reviewing the content of exams in order to correct and finalize it
  • Insert the content of exams in the electronic exam system in order to provide the ground for holding electronic exams
  • Facilitate technical and content clarity during the exam to civil service package applicants if required
  • Supervise and take the necessary measures to maintain the confidentiality of the content of the examination of civil service packages
  • Planning and arranging monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in accordance with the general plan to achieve the objectives set by the department
  • Submitting monthly, quarterly, annual, and, if necessary, report to inform officials of related activities and achievements
  • Perform other related duties assigned by the authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations, and objectives of the department
  • Provide communication with all relevant departments in order to hold electronic exams on time


This bill of duties has been prepared in accordance with Articles 7 and 34 of the Civil Service Employees Law with the following minimum conditions and criteria:

  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields: economics, public policy, public administration, business administration, law, and political science, sharia (jurisprudence and law), public relations, good governance, international relations, public administration, human resource management, Psychology, Pedagogy, Sociology, Communication, Literature, and higher degrees in the above fields are preferred.
  • Having at least two years of work experience in one of the departments (research, teaching, capacity building, compiling exam content, hiring, forming, analyzing tasks or other items mentioned in the goals and responsibilities of this position)

Skills required:

Fluency in one of the official languages ​​(Pashto or Dari) and English
Computer skills in task-related programs


A: (5) Scoring score for the third and fourth positions, and (3) Scoring score for the first and second positions according to the procedure for hiring people with disabilities for people with disabilities if the person’s disability does not prevent the performance of duties in the office.

B: (5) Scoring score for women according to the recruitment procedure.

How to Apply

To complete the application form, refer to the website, after completing the special pre-form house, send your application.

Dear candidates, please pay serious attention to the following points:

Request time:

The request can only be sent during the closing notification, note that the system will not accept your request when the notification is completed.

Educational documents:

  • Government education documents must be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education;
  • Educational credentials from private institutions must be certified by the Ministry of Higher Education or written by the director of private educational institutions;
  • In addition to the approval of the political representative of the country and the esteemed Ministry of Foreign Affairs, educational documents abroad must also be evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education. Therefore, the evaluation letter must be attached to the form;
  • Educational documents (inside and outside the country) that were obtained between 1371 and 1381 need to be re-evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Work experience documents:

Government work experience documents:

  • If you are a permanent employee of the government, you need to have a new resume or at least six months prior to the announcement of the closure and have the approval of the first unit (Department of Human Resources of the Ministry / Office),
  • If you have worked in the form of a contract, you need to provide a sample contract with the main lines related to your task.

Non-governmental work experience documents:

  • It is essential to have all the line contracts and to provide major line-related contracts;
  • Contracts submitted by a non-governmental entity must be approved by one of the competent government departments;
  • According to Article 62 of the Labor Law, the salary of contract employees should not be less than the government salary, so it is necessary to have a tax document (TIN).

Documents of international foreign institutions:

  • It is essential that all lines be contracted;
  • If you have worked abroad, your documents must be approved by the Afghan Political Representation in the host country and later by the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Documents that are on fire or missing:

If your work is approved by the human resources department of the same department, it is acceptable.

Related experience:

According to Articles 8 and 34 of the Civil Service Employees Law, published in Official Gazette No. (951) dated 16 May 2008, having managerial experience (having the role of management and leadership of employees under the effect according to the duty bill) is necessary for the first and second positions.

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