Form Kankor 1400 ( Collections )

This form is collected from social Media and all right recived by Author of the kankor forms.


  • Form from: Nangarhar
  • Examination organization: NExA
  • File type: Kankor form 1400
  • Institute: Tolo Science institute
  • Author: Naseer Ebadi
  • No. Of pages 8
  • Download option: online
  • Format: Picture
  • Source:
  • Publish Date: 29.03.2021

Dear Kankor Examiner, Soon PDF file will be available here, if you need to download a file of kankor exam forms with a solution, follow up the website.

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  • Institute: Tolo Science
  • Author: Naseer Ebadi
  • Exam: Nangarhar
  • Examiner organization: NExA