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Recent Questions

It depends on the organization, how fast they will review your application and shortlist your profile, as easy we can say you the organization will inform you as they have reviewed your applicant.


It’s easy you the organization information, and the Manager info will be listed on your private profile you can see all the details about the post that you have already apply for it.

There are different types of jobs, you can read more about the jobs opportunity in detail by each job that we have published, on our website

  • Part-time jobs
  • Full time
  • Student job
  • Summer job
  • Freelance


The benefits are, that you can create your profile and upload your CV and other documents, and the organizations also have an account and it will automatically inform the organization about with details, you can also create your professional CV on your profile free of cost and its also downloadable. just put your information submitted in a sec you CV has created no need for more.

We are not processing your application, the process will be by the organization it can be in a week or a month they will inform you via email that you have applied.

If you have applied for the opportunity but you did not hear anything about your application, search for the organization, on our official website click on the profile of the organization you will find a Contact number or Email address you can easily contact them. if you have any questions you can also contact us to help you.

General Inquiries

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any edits to your uploaded document once you have submitted your application. However, we can upload a new updated attachment (resume/cover letter as one file) and delete the outdated version, but it’s not guaranteed the hiring team will be able to see the update if the recruitment is already in progress.

If you can’t remember my user id and/or password, No problem, you can always reset your password and user name at each time, there is no reset limitation, but If you have any problem or question feel free to contact us. we will help you step by step

No there is no Purge option to join several accounts together, you must use one account, and delete your unuseable account from the database it will not help you.  our advice create one account work on your profile to find an opportunity as easy as we have created for you,

Our website is creat for jobs its easy to click on the interesting job there you will find apply now button click on it fill the application form. You have applied. 

When you apply for the opportunity and send your CV and documents to the organization, you have also mentioned your email address and contact number they will contact you.


After you have submitted your application form, first it will be reviewed by the responsible person after eligibility you will be shortlisted by the organization, among other applicants if you have more experience, the education they will contact, and invalid you for the interview.