Department of Public Works Farah

Management and supervision of how to build, construct, maintain and maintain transport infrastructure at the provincial level to achieve the goals of the Ministry.

The Transformation Project is directly accountable to the Afghan National Peace and Development Framework, including the development priority of accountable and effective public administration systematization, as well as the goal of establishing, maintaining, and strengthening civil service specialization.

The overall goal of the change project is to strengthen the capacity of priority ministries and departments by hiring key competencies based on competency, improving staff management, and better human resource planning.

NumberJob TitleVacancy No
1General Directorate of Road Maintenance and Care0255-3
  • Location: Farah
  • Organization: Department of Public Works
  • Job Title: General Directorate of Road Maintenance and Care
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • Vacancy No: 0255-3
  • No. of opportunity: 1
  • Rank: 2
  • Reported to: Ministry official
  • Salary: Original salary + change project points from the first step 109,600.00 AFN to the fifth step 164,489 AFN (according to the change project payment guidelines)
  • Deadline: 25 / March / 201

Specialized tasks:

  • Supervise the construction, maintenance, and care of transport infrastructure at the provincial level to implement the plan and program of the administration
  • Supervise the reasonable use of tools and equipment to repair and maintain
  • Management and supervision of the implementation of the goals and programs of the Ministry in order to improve the relevant maintenance and care affairs
  • Submitting proposals in construction affairs to the General Directorate of Maintenance and Care of Transport Infrastructure for approval
  • Supervision and control of construction affairs of projects under construction in the relevant province

Management duties:

  • Plan and arrange monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in accordance with the general plan to achieve the goals of the ministry
  • Identify and propose budget requirements based on the annual work plan of the department
  • Achieving the goals and programs of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Strategy and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the relevant field of work
  • Lead and provide timely information within government departments, civil society, media, and citizens of the country, taking into account the objectives of the law on access to information and the policy of the relevant department
  • Observing and ensuring the implementation of the Administrative Enforcement Law, the Law on the Prevention of Harassment of Women and Children, and the Code of Conduct in the Relevant Work Area
  • Leadership and management of affected employees to ensure effective and timely implementation.
  • Evaluate the performance of affected employees in order to motivate them to improve performance, increase efficiency and productivity, determine training needs and increase capacity building

Coordination tasks:

  1. Trusted communication and coordination with contracting companies to ensure the implementation and implementation of programs in accordance with the set criteria
  2. Provide communication and coordination with relevant departments to handle work and solve problems

Employment conditions (level of education and work experience):

  • Education: At least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields (Seoul Engineering, Road Engineering, Transportation Building Engineering, Engineering and Survey Engineering, Hydraulic Building Engineering) and for holders of higher education in these fields is preferred.
  • Experience: Minimum work experience from inside and outside the country in one of the sections (road maintenance, surveying, design, road construction, or other items mentioned in the objectives and responsibilities of this post) from national and international institutions
    • Managerial and professional experience, at least three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s degree, and one year for a doctorate; (Holders of less than one year of work experience in one of the managerial or specialized departments are not eligible for this position.)
    • Managerial or professional experience, five years in one of the mentioned sections;

Skills required:

  • Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) with English.
  • Computer skills in task-related to the job
  • Necessary skills in leadership, communication and decision making.

How to Apply

Every applicants are required to apply online for this opportunity via official website of Department of Public Works If you want to read more about this job opportunity in Dari Language

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