Department of Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure – Afghanistan Railway Administration

The Civil Service Appointments Board re-announces the second rank of the National Statistics and Information Office (one vacancy) in order to hire qualified staff.
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Afghanistan Railway Administration
NumberJob TitleVacancy No
1Department of Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure0620-1

Details about job

  • Location: Kabul
  • Organization: Afghanistan Railway Administration
  • Salary: Original salary + change project points from the first step 109,600,000 Afghanis to the fifth step 164,489 Afghanis (according to the change project payment guidelines)
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • No of opportunity: One
  • Related section: Technical Deputy
  • Reported to: Technical Deputy
  • Reporting from: Affected employees (according to organizational structure)
  • Deadline: 30/ March/ 2021

Change * Tagher * project:

The Transformation Project is directly accountable to the Afghan National Peace and Development Framework, including the development priority of accountable and effective public administration systematization, as well as the goal of establishing, maintaining and strengthening civil service specialization.

The overall goal of the change project is to strengthen the capacity of priority ministries and agencies by hiring key competencies based on competency, improving staff management, and better human resource planning.

The Change Project is funded by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Assistance Fund (ARTF) and the International Development Association (IDA) Group of the World Bank, and is being implemented by the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission on behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to the Strategic Plan for Human Resources of the Ministries and Departments, for each vacancy with a manager and vacancy included in this project, in order to hold the employees accountable, at the beginning of each year, Key Deliverables and Means of Verification according to the bill of duties. The main objectives of the department are arranged and attached to their employment contract in direct coordination with the director. The evaluation of the performance of the employees who are hired in this way is done every year based on the report of their work performance against the same tasks and the extension of the employees’ employment contract for the next year is conditional on the successful completion of pre-determined key tasks.

About the Ministry of Railways of Afghanistan:

Under the Afghanistan National Development Strategy, the government was committed to establishing a competent railway administration to build, develop and set up a modern railway network to connect Afghanistan to the commercial and economic centers of the region and the world.

For this purpose, the proposal of the Ministry of Public Works for the establishment of an “Independent Railway Administration” was approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 1/15/2012, and according to Resolution No. 38 dated 11/11/2015, the Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, this office It was officially renamed the Independent Railway Authority of Afghanistan.

In order to achieve the objectives such as the construction of a railway network in accordance with the development and public benefit plans of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its connection to regional and international railway networks; Development and strengthening of trade, tourism, and social relations through the railway network to national, regional and international levels; Arranging, organizing, leading and supervising building affairs, operation, maintenance and care according to international standards; Prepares and codifies rules, regulations, and policies related to the railway.

Task Objective:

Management and supervision of the construction of railway infrastructure in accordance with the strategic plan of the department, obtaining reports and analysis of the progress of infrastructure in terms of quantity and quality.

Specialized tasks:

  • Designing and arranging guidelines and procedures in the field of improving the speed of operation, executive quality and transparency in the execution of infrastructure works and monitoring its implementation.
  • Management and supervision of the implementation of the construction action plan of the infrastructure of the Afghanistan Railway Administration, taking into account the specified indicators.
  • Arrange monitoring checklists to monitor the progress of relevant projects and ensure their implementation.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the process of technical work of projects at the level and center and provinces, identifying challenges, presenting it to the authorities in order to receive appropriate solutions.
  • Cooperate with the Technical Deputy of the Office in order to strengthen coordination with international organizations in the construction of the country’s railway infrastructure and the supervisory committees of the relevant conventions to which Afghanistan has acceded.
  • Identify gaps, deficiencies, and deficiencies in personnel capacity, the executive structure required equipment and procedures of relevant departments, and take timely action to address these problems.
  • Identify gaps, deficiencies, and deficiencies in personnel capacity, the executive structure required equipment, and procedures of relevant departments and take timely action to address these problems.
  • Provide technical advice to the leadership of the department in order to prepare, modify, update and implement the strategic plan of the department.
  • Provide communication and coordination with the provincial departments and steps of the railway administration in the construction sector of the country’s railway affairs.

Management duties:

  1. Preparation and arrangement of annual work plan in accordance with the roadmap and strategy of the department’s reforms in order to achieve the strategic goals of the department
  2. Identify and propose budget requirements based on the annual work plan of the department
  3. Ensuring the launch of programs to familiarize new employees with the general objectives of the department and the relevant department
  4. Achieving the goals and programs of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Strategy and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the relevant field of work
  5. Timely and timely provision of information within government departments, civil society, media and citizens of the country, taking into account the objectives of the law on access to information and the policy of the relevant department
  6. Observing and ensuring the implementation of the Administrative Enforcement Law, the Law on the Prevention of Harassment of Women and Children and the Code of Conduct in the Relevant Work Area
  7. Provide transparency and accountability of the work of the relevant department to achieve the necessary goals
  8. Leadership and management of affected employees to ensure effective and timely implementation
  9. Evaluate the performance of affected employees in order to motivate them to improve performance, increase efficiency and productivity, determine training needs and increase capacity building
  10. Development and transfer of professional skills, counseling and workflow training for affected employees and conducting workshops, seminars in cooperation with human resources
  11. Submitting quarterly, annual and, if necessary, work reports on activities and achievements in order to inform the management of the department about the progress of activities and achievements of the relevant departments
  12. Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations and objectives of the department

Coordination tasks:

  • Provide communication and coordination with the central departments of the department for better coordination of railway operation and maintenance
  • Provide communication and coordination with the provincial departments of the administration to implement and control the assigned tasks.

Employment conditions (level of education and work experience):

  • Education: Have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields: Seoul Engineering, Railway Engineering, Transportation Building Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, and other related fields. Higher degrees in the above fields are preferred.
  • Work experience: Minimum work experience from inside and outside the country in one of the sectors (railway projects, railway operation, railway maintenance, and care or other items mentioned in this bill of duties).
  • Managerial or specialized sections of ID cards; Three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s degree and one year for a doctorate

Skills required:

  • Fluency in one of the official languages (Dari or Pashto) and English
  • Computer skills in task-related applications
  • Necessary skills in leadership, communication and decision making

Note: Candidates who do not provide the required documents for this position in a complete, transparent and clear manner will not be considered eligible for this position and will not have the right to complain.

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