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In order to increase the educational capacity of school teachers, a meeting was held between the Ministries of Higher Education and Education and the BEPA program officials of the German GIZ office.

In this meeting, the heads of planning, policy, and legislation, development of scientific programs, government students of the Ministry of Higher Education, scientific vice-chancellor of the Shahid Ustad Rabbani University of Education, and Dr. Amir Mohammad Mansouri, head of the General Department of Installation and Professional Development Professional teachers of the Ministry of Education as well as George Madis, Head of BEPA GI Program. Zaid was also present, discussing the plan to improve the educational aspect of school teachers, the necessary facilities and areas for its implementation, and the BEPA side presented their work plan in this regard to the members of the meeting during a presentation.

The main topics of discussion at this meeting were the establishment of an elementary education department at the Shahid Ustad Rabbani University of Education and short-term capacity-building programs for current school teachers by the BEPA program.

Welcoming the project, Lt. Gen. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, said that the Joint Committee of the Ministries of Higher Education, Education, Finance, and Program BEPA had enriched the project in several meetings previously chaired by the Ministry of Higher Education. Mentioned and appropriate solutions have worked to better implement it.

Prof. Balakerzai said that the curriculum prepared for the 14th-grade course in the field of primary school teacher training should be strengthened and the opinions of experts on its promotion to the bachelor’s degree in this field should be taken.

The Deputy Minister of Higher Education said that considering a large number of teachers and the need for all of them to improve their education and the facilities available in the country’s higher education institutions, these programs should be organized in different categories and implemented in different stages. Ready for any kind of cooperation in the field.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the Joint Working Committee of the Ministries of Higher Education, Education, Shahid Ustad Rabbani University, and ٰ BEPA, which has already been established, will work on the above issues.

It is noteworthy that according to the 14-point teacher promotion plan, the Ministry of Higher Education has already been able to attract 6035 school teachers for undergraduate courses in their desired fields.

It is expected that with the technical cooperation of the BEPA program of the German GIZ office, not only better fields for attracting teachers in higher education institutions will be possible, but also with the creation of a new department of education for primary school teachers in the country. Also, be provided.

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