Anti-Corruption Commission” General Directorate of the Secretariat of the Commission”

Management and supervision of human resources, financial and administrative affairs, information technology, procurement and gender management in order to meet the needs and supply of services

OrganizationAnti-Corruption Commission
No. of Opportunity1
GenderMale and Female
SalaryAs Organization salary scale
Vacancy No
Job TitleGeneral Directorate of the Secretariat of the Commission
Contract Duration
Deadline 17. April. 2021

Job Description:

  • Designing and arranging the proposal in accordance with the strategic goals of the department and organizational policies and sharing it with the relevant authorities;
  • Ensuring and monitoring the process of appointing employees on the basis of competence and competence without discrimination and transparently through free competition;
  • Managing and supervising the arrangements for the appointment, transfer, retirement, resignation, separation, and step of the employees in order to comply with the decisions of the official;
  • Supervise and ensure the realization of needs assessment and training programs to improve the capacity of office staff;
  • Ensuring that the URDIS (HRMIS) of staff information is up to date to access accurate and timely information;
  • Supervise the process of evaluating the annual job performance and the examination period of the staff of the department for better performance;
  • Supervise the development and improvement of employee communications and ensure a safe and healthy work environment in the office;
  • Control of the order of normal budget, development and monitoring of its realization in cooperation with the relevant branches in order to provide expenses;
  • Defending the annual budget plan in the Ministry of Finance in order to provide expenditures, in accordance with the goals and plans of the administration;
  • Supervise the implementation of staff salaries at a certain time according to the electronic system (salary information system) in accordance with the procedure of the Ministry of Finance;
  • Supervise the implementation of ordinary and development remittances of the administration of related fertilizers in accordance with laws and procedures;
  • Control of the order of allocation forms, ‌ Adjustments in the allocation, and sending the normal budget to the relevant departments on a quarterly basis;
  • Prepare and arrange the annual financial statement (final) at the end of each financial year in order to ensure transparency and accountability;
  • Management, supervision, and provision of transport facilities for employees for the performance of official duties;
  • Control of registration and registration of property, goods, and office equipment in the center and provinces for their effective use;
  • Ensuring the maintenance and care of office buildings and existing systems (repair and maintenance of water supply system, electricity, telephone, heating center, carpentry, painting, and cleaning);
  • Management and supervision of procurement affairs in accordance with the needs of the administration and financial resources;
  • Ensuring procurement affairs in accordance with the legislation in force in the country;
  • Supervision, control, and management of technical activities related to information and telecommunication technology (hardware, software, and telecommunication system);
  • Monitoring and control of network security system and better regulation of matters related to information and telecommunication technology services.
Anti-Corruption Commission" General Directorate of the Secretariat of the Commission"
Anti-Corruption Commission” General Directorate of the Secretariat of the Commission”


  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree
    • Public administration
    • Business administration
    • Educational management
    • Governance
    • Economics
    • Human resource management
    • law
    • Political science
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Public policy
    • Public administration policy
    • Public administration
    • Financial management
    • Accounting and other related fields from national and international educational institutions inside or outside the country are preferred to higher degrees in the above fields.
  • Managerial or specialized in one of the departments of administration,
    • Human resources
    • Finance and accounting
    • Services
    • Information technology
    • logistics or other items of specialized duties in this bill of duties from inside or outside the country, at least four years for bachelor, three years For a master’s degree, and two years for a doctorate.
  • Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto and Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) with English;
  • Fluency in official languages (Pashto and Dari) is preferred;
  • Computer skills
  • Necessary skills in leadership, communication, and decision-making.

How To Apply

The eligible applicant can apply for this opportunity online via the official website of the Independent Administrative Reform Civil Service Commission and you can also read more in Dari Language on the official website.

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