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The Lower House of Parliament on Monday’s plenary session discussed in relation to increasing insecurity throughout the country. The session was held under the chairmanship of Mir Rahman Rahmani, while MPs expressed their concerns over the country’s security condition Initially, legislatures expressed their concerns about the country’s security condition and fall of the districts into the Taliban hand, adding, incorrect decisions and lack of a good program for war by the government caused intensifying of war and collapse of the majority districts of the provinces into the Taliban hand. “We (the people representatives) call Taliban that these group will never access to victory through the battle”. “The current war in Afghanistan is an intelligence war, MPs reiterated that based on secret deal of government with armed oppositions, our youth should not be a victim of such ominous deal”. In the meantime, people representatives said, America is the main factor of ethnic and religious disputes in the country that the United State of America played with the fate of our poor nation, now they left Afghanistan and it has failed against its rivals, adding, the US president soon will be changed to the US Garbchove. Read more 


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