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UNFPA Afghanistan

The International Assistance Transparency Project (IATI), a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at improving the transparency of aid, development, and humanitarian resources, was adopted by UNFPA in April 2012.

Stakeholders have entrusted UNFPA with delivering on agreed-upon outcomes and results. The more the ability of stakeholders, including donors, Member States, and partners, to monitor and understand how development funds are spent, the more likely these limited resources will be used successfully.

UNFPA is dedicated to creating and providing long-term transparency. This includes examining existing policies, operational guidance, accountability norms, and support and services relating to parts of our work such as finance, budgets, procurement, administration, and management information, as well as designing solutions to solve gaps in existing systems.

UNFPA invites partners to submit information about development initiatives to the IATI registry, referencing our respective IATI identification numbers, to allow for traceability along the supply chain.