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National Statistics and Information Authority

This office has been involved in a variety of tasks over the years, the most important of which was the implementation of the country’s first census. The household census for the census was done for the first time in 1978-57, and the first census in Afghanistan was done in 1979, and this office has also involved in other significant and beneficial operations, such as the implementation of sample surveys. And gathering up-to-date data.

The Central Statistics Office resumed its statistical activities, which were the same as before the Interim Administration was established in 2003. (collecting, consolidating, and analyzing figures).

Finally, in 1397, the Central Statistics Office, in addition to professional, financial, and administrative deputy offices, added geographical information and information systems cohesion and development offices to its organizational structure, renamed the National Bureau of Statistics and Information, based on the need of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


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