Ministry of Higher Education

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Ministry of Higher Education

The Ministry of Higher education is one of the government organization that works in the Education sector for Afghanistan

Address: Kart-e-Char, Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: +93(0) 20 2500 523
Email: [email protected]


For the first time, the center of higher education in the country was established on the first of Scorpio 1311 AH with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in Kabul.
Kabul University was established in 1325.

Nangarhar University was established in 1343 and Kabul Technical University was established in 1348.

In 1977, the Ministry of Higher Education was established as the largest cultural body to integrate the country’s higher education institutions, expand and develop educational institutions.

In 1373, under the guidance of the government of the time, the Department of Vocational-Technical Education from the Ministry of Higher and Vocational Education joined the Ministry of Education. The framework for the formation of the Ministry of Education was changed. Also, integrate all Afghan inventions that had a bachelor’s degree system; With all the organizations and personnel and movable and immovable assets from the Ministry of Education to the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education. Read more


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