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Violence against women has historically been an all-embracing but silent question in Afghanistan. Today, it was recognized as a public health epidemic only recently through our work. We believe in helping them to uphold their rights and heal their injuries and the will to move forward in order to end violence against women. That is at the heart of our work.

Medica Afghanistan (MA) is a non-profit, non-political NGO of women. We promote gender-based violence among women and girls and women and girls who are in conflict with the law, through robust legal advocacy, psychosocial counseling, and advocacy.

Medica Mondiale, a German-based NGO that defends women and girls in war and crisis zones around the world, founded the MA in Kabul in 2002. In December 2010 the MA was formally registered with the Ministry of Economy as a national organization, in order to build a movement led by Afghan women for afghan women. Read more 

Medica Afghanistan is an Afghan women’s organization that works for the realization of women’s rights on the basis of equality and non-discrimination. We advocate for the elimination of violence against women and girls and the enhancement of women’s social status by providing services, raising awareness and capacity building in the psychosocial, health, education and legal areas.

It is headquartered in Kabul, we operate in Kabul and in the northern and western regions of Afghanistan through our offices in Mazar-e-Sharif, Samangan, Baghlan and Herat

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