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The Official Department of Sports of Afghanistan was established in 1313 AH as the Sports Association of Afghanistan. . In 2014, the National Olympic Committee was separated from the organizational structure of the General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports and started operating as a social structure in accordance with the Statute of the National Olympic Committee and the Charter of the International Olympic Committee.

The General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports has established the third paragraph of Article 52 of the Constitution as the budget unit of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and according to Article 5 of the Law on Physical Education and Sports, the responsibility of management; Leads and integrates sports and physical education in the country. Read more


  • Granting activity licenses to coaches, stadiums, and sports clubs.
  • Establishing facilities for holding regular sports competitions, selecting national teams, delegating championship certificates and sports medals to national teams in cooperation with relevant federations.
  • Capacity building of athletes, coaches, referees, and sports staff in cooperation with relevant federations.
  • Providing financial and technical facilities to send sports teams to competitions abroad.
  • Annual membership fees (Fees) of federations, national team athletes, clothing, and sports equipment for teams in domestic and foreign sporting events.
  • Take measures to coordinate the sports programs of ministries, government departments, and other sports institutions.
  • Cohesion, growth, and development of Afghanistan’s national and local sports.
  • Establishment of special committees to resolve federation disputes, domestic and foreign competitions.
  • Compiling the history of sports in Afghanistan with the cooperation of sports institutions, social and cultural associations, federations, sports veterans, and writers.
  • Preparing a sports calendar in order to hold sports days, growth, and cultural development of sports in the country.
  • Draft regulations, statutes, bills, and guidelines.


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