51 jobs National Statistic and Information Authority (NSIA)


The National Bureau of Statistics and Information has announced 51 jobs opportunity of its third and fourth ranks.
Those who are interested can download the Jobs opportunity Title of duties of the mentioned jobs from the website of the National Statistic and Information Authority (NSIA). (https://nsia.gov.af/opportunities/jobs)

OrganizationNational Statistic and Information Authority
No. of Opportunity51
GenderMale and female
SalaryAs Organization Salary scale
Vacancy No
Job TitleEmployee
Contract Duration
Deadline 1400/02/08 ( 28. April. 2021 )

Eligible applicants can refer to the link (http://erecruitment.nsia.gov.af/nsia/) and send their applications online with their attachments (copy of citizenship ID, educational documents, work experience documents).


  • Copy of citizenship ID
  • Educational documents
  • Work experience documents

The announced positions are as follows:

  1. Translator and proofreader of Dari language
  2. Pashto translator and proofreader
  3. Uzbek translator and proofreader
  4. English translator and proofreader
  5. Policy Officer
  6. Strategy Development Expert 2
  7. Master of Information Systems Training Programs
  8. Master of Geoffrey Information Training Programs
  9. Head of Research
  10. Head of Financial and Accounting Audit
  11. Financial and arithmetic inspection 6 closed
  12. Information Systems and IT Audit Officer
  13. Information systems inspector 2 closed
  14. Information Technology Inspector 2 closed
  15. Head of quality control of figures
  16. Publish quality control specialist
  17. Quality control specialist of census and survey
  18. Quality control specialist of economic statistics
  19. Social statistics and demographic quality control specialist
  20. General Manager of Technical
  21. Head of face-to-face ID services
  22. General Director of Marriage and Divorce Registration
  23. General Manager of Birth and Death Registration
  24. After-distribution service expert 4 posts
  25. Electronic registration and distribution manager
  26. Electronic ID distribution expert
  27. Document Coordination Officer
  28. Biometric information sharing expert 3 closed
  29. Demographic Information Sharing Expert 2
  30. Controller of electronic ID systems
  31. Citizen Information Update Expert
  32. Directorate of Technical Infrastructure
  33. General Manager of Identification and Zoning.

Skills required

  • Fluency in one of the official languages of the country (Pashto or Dari) and English.
  • Computer skills in task-related applications.

Support Links

For more information please visit the official website of National Statistic and Information Authority (NSIA) in Dari Language