28 jobs at Al-Fallah Private Higher Education Institute, Nangarhar


Al-Falah Private Institute of Higher Education in 1400 needs new academic staff in the following fields: doctorate, master, and bachelor. The eligible applicant should apply before the deadline, the late application will not be accepted.


  • Location: Nangarhar
  • University: Al-Falah Private Institute of Higher Education
  • Organization: Ministry of Higher Education
  • Application type: Online
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • National: Afghan
  • Education: Bachelor, Master, PhD
  • No. of opportunity: 28
  • Deadline: 05. May. 2021



Positions and Title

  • Faculty: Law and Political Science
    • Department: Judiciary and Attorney General
    • Department: Administration and diplomacy
  • Faculty: Economics
    • Department: Human Resources Management
    • Department: Finance and Accounting
  • Faculty: Engineering
    • Department: Seoul
  • Faculty: Sharia
    • Department: Jurisprudence and Law
    • Department: Islamic Education

How to Apply

From 1 Saur 1400 to 15 Saur 1400, applicants should submit their application for inclusion in their academic staff, along with the original transcript of grades, a copy of the same announcement from the Ministry’s website, and a copy of their citizenship ID to the relevant higher education institution.

Apply now

The eligible applicants can also visit the official website, for more information in Dari Language