21 jobs as Road Pavement Data Collection Specialist ( MOPW )


The Ministry of Public Works announced more than 60 opportunities but there are 21 jobs as Road Pavement Data Collection Specialist, you can apply for the opportunity before the deadline, the late application will not be accepted by the organization, the applicant should have 6 years of work experience at related field, and hold the bachelor degree and can work in different provinces of Afghanistan.


  • Location: Various Provinces
  • Organization: Ministry of Public Works
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • No of opportunity: 21
  • Job title: Technical Assistant )
  • Vacancy Number: MOPW/NRA/SRTAP/1400-33
  • Contract Duration: one year
  • Job type: Engineering
  • Experience: 5 years
  • Deadline: 15/May/2021

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage inspection schedules and work plans; collaborate with the MoPW central office and local authorities to obtain consent prior to site inspections;
  • Carry out inventory survey and fill its template as necessary;
  • Carry out regular and periodic condition surveys as directed by the team leader, meticulously, regularly, and consistently.
  • Fill out inspection forms with survey equipment, take photos/video clips, draw/sketch, and write inspection summary sheets;
  • Record the specifics of any existing defects as well as any prior preventive or corrective maintenance activities;
  • Complete the Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedure according to the Inspection Manuals.
  • Estimate quantities and unit prices for repair work as required, and assist preparation personnel with maintenance preventative and corrective measures
  • Carry out traffic counts when necessary and or monitor the traffic counters;
  • Give the traffic counters the required instructions for selecting traffic counting stations, team management, and counting procedures.
  • Assisting traffic counters team in analyzing traffic counting data required for the planning;
  • Keep inspection forms, sketches, drawings, estimates, papers, photographs, and other soft and hard data on roadway structures.

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Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in civil engineering, transportation engineering,
  • The Applicant should have personal smartphone
  • Personal computer installed with
    • MS Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • AutoCAD software


  • Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education
  • ID Card (Tazkera)
  • Verified last Posting Contract

Submission Email

[email protected]

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