20 jobs in Kabul ( Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ) Kabul


In order to entrust the work to its people and achieve the lofty goals of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in reforming and establishing a sound administration and also relying on Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Procedure for Appointment of Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Civil Service Staff All vacancies Which are achieved through free competition should be announced to all relevant authorities using written issuance and through the media and other facilities.

The relevant departments have also informed all their employees about the announcement of the above-mentioned positions so that the interested parties who have met the criteria of the shortlist can participate in the competitive process.

OrganizationMinistry of Communications and Information Technology
No. of Opportunity20
GenderMale and Female
SalaryAs Organization salary scale
Vacancy No
Job TitleStaff
Contract Duration
Deadline 21. April. 2021


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Note: Before selecting the desired position, carefully read the instructions for submitting documents and papers. It should also be noted that the completed application forms are accepted only in person.

20 jobs in Kabul ( Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ) Kabul
20 jobs in Kabul ( Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ) Kabul

Jobs, Position and Title

  1. Expert in organizing the affairs of the ICT High Council
  2. Field monitoring and evaluation expert
  3. Law specialist
  4. Pashto Reporter
  5. Coordination expert of national innovations
  6. Legal expert of technical and legal innovation centers
  7. Coding coordinator and supervisor
  8. Expert in supporting research and development centers
  9. Unit (statistics) Design and adapter of high technology and engineering park
  10. Design engineer of excellent technology and engineering park
  11. SME and Startup Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Management Expert
  12. Specialist in small, medium and large entrepreneurs
  13. Digital skills expert
  14. Expert in reviewing (re-engineering) government processes
  15. Unit (Statistics) Digital Investment and Program Management
  16. Fiber optic infrastructure connection expert
  17. Cyber Reaction Command
  18. Infrastructure Engineer
  19. General Manager of Construction Procurement and Consulting Services

How to Apply

You can apply by visiting the Ministry and befor you should read the complet information on the official website Ministry of Communications and Information Technology by clicing the apply Now button

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