19 jobs in the National Bureau of Water Affairs


The National Water Regulatory Authority announced 19 job opportunities its third Rank in the competition on websites through a competitive announcement.
Dear applicants, for more information, please refer to the website of the esteemed office of water affairs regulation.

  • Announced link On official website of ACBAR
OrganizationNational Bureau of Water Affairs
No. of Opportunity19
GenderMale and Female
SalaryAs Organization Salary scale
Vacancy No
Job TitleEmployees
ExperienceTwo years
Contract Duration
Education:Bachelor degree
Deadline 26. April. 2021

Note: Dear applicants, you can apply for the forms online by adding a scan of work experience documents (CV), educational documents approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, a copy of the citizenship certificate that is clearly visible at the online address http://lowgrade.iarcsc.com

NoTitle of VacanciesVacancy NoDeadline
1Department of RecruitmentNWR-046326. April. 2021
2Maritime Basin Coordination DirectorateNWR-046426. April. 2021
3Specialist in coordinating and consolidating coastal consolidation programsNWR-046526. April. 2021
4Directorate of Quality Control and Analysis of Surface Water ResourcesNWR-046626. April. 2021
5Directorate of Statistics Bank DatabaseNWR-046726. April. 2021
6Hydrometeorological Network Maintenance Development DepartmentNWR-046826. April. 2021
7Groundwater Potential Analysis DepartmentNWR-046926. April. 2021
8Groundwater potential analysis expert for the North Sea BasinNWR-047026. April. 2021
9Helmand groundwater potential analysis specialistNWR-047126. April. 2021
10Groundwater potential analysis specialist of Harrod Murghab sea basinNWR-047226. April. 2021
11Groundwater potential analysis specialist of Panj Amu Sea basinNWR-047326. April. 2021
12Hydro-Geological Networks Development and Maintenance DepartmentNWR-047426. April. 2021
13Directorate of Quality Control of Coastal ReinforcementsNWR-047526. April. 2021
14Directorate of Technical Survey of Dam, Streams, and ReinforcementsNWR-047626. April. 2021
15Department of design and design of dams and fortificationsNWR-047726. April. 2021
16Department of Surveying and Design of Irrigation NetworksNWR-047826. April. 2021
17Specialist in designing irrigation projectsNWR-047926. April. 2021
18Directorate of Immunity ClausesNWR-048026. April. 2021
19Maintenance and Care of Irrigation and Water Supply NetworksNWR-048126. April. 2021

List of Position in Dari language

19 jobs in the National Bureau of Water Affairs
19 jobs in the National Bureau of Water Affairs


  • CV
  • Education Documents
  • Work Experience


  • Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) with English;
  • Computer skills in task-related to the programs;
  • Necessary skills in leadership, communication, and decision making

How to Apply

Each applicant is required to apply online via the official website of the National Bureau of Water Affairs or Visiting ACBAR website.

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