10 Jobs as Road Structures Data Collection Specialist ( MOPW )


The Ministry of Pubic work announced 10 vacancies, for the multi cities of Afghanistan, the eligible applicant can apply before the deadline of opportunity 15. May. 2021. The applicant should have one year of work experience, and be able to work in different provinces, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us our team is here to help you step by step.

10 Jobs as Road Structures Data Collection Specialist ( MOPW )
10 Jobs as Road Structures Data Collection Specialist ( MOPW )


  • Location: Various Provinces
  • Organization: Ministry of Public Works
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Application type: Online
  • No of opportunity: 10
  • Salary: as an organization salary scale
  • Job title: Road Structures Data Collection Specialist
  • Vacancy Number: MOPW/SRTAP/1400-18
  • Contract Duration: one year
  • Job type: Engineering
  • Experience: 1 year
  • Deadline: 15/May/2021


  • Conduct a desk report and gather historical data about structures;
  • Collect data and fill in the appropriate template as needed;
  • Carry out regular and periodic data collection of the road structures as directed by the team leader, meticulously, systematically, and consistently.
  • Complete the Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) procedures in accordance with the data collection manuals.
  • Estimate quantities and unit prices for repair work as required, and assist preparation personnel with maintenance preventative and corrective measures.
  • Assisting the data collection team in evaluating road structure data for planning purposes;
  • Keep inspection forms, sketches, drawings, estimates, papers, photographs, and other soft and hard data on roadway structures.
  • Collect and sort data on each roadway structure into different folders for inventory, condition surveys, condition index estimates, Html files, and other purposes;
  • Fill out risk matrix spreadsheets before undertaking trips;
  • Mark all flaws in photos by defining the form, severity, and extent of each flaw and recording them in the templates that have been prepared;
  • To import raw collected data and upload inventory and condition data to a central database in an accurate and secure manner, coordinate with the RAMS core team, the Roadway Structures Officer, and a GIS specialist.

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Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of bachelor degree in
    • Civil engineering,
    • Transportation engineering,
    • and or any other similar discipline;
  • Having a personal smartphone of 6.5inch diagonal dimension, with Android 10, 32GB free memory for use of data collection;
  • Personal computer installed with
    • MS Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • AutoCAD software;
  • 4-year work experience


  • Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education
  • ID Card (Tazkera)
  • Verified last Posting Contract

Submission Email

[email protected]

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